Our firm was established in 1989 by Martin Lillitou as a small locksmith shop in Bexley Heath, London offering lockout services as well as key duplications, engravings and other locksmith services. Since 2007 our firm has split its services and created its very own locksmith supply department for both the professional and enthusiast.

With our 25+ year experience in the Locksmith Industry we know what it takes to be a locksmith and what a locksmith requires to get the job done. Our moto is ‘Pay less get More’ and is the reasoning behind our supply of machines for both key duplication and car key programming from the Republic of China.

We now have an established supply chain and cooperation with many locksmiths internationally and our firm is shipping directly to Countries all over the world including the United Stated, European Union, Australia etc.

We are celebrating 10 years of Supply!

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