Air Wedge Airbag Lock Pick Set – Size 6.2 inch


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1* Pump wedge

Air Wedges are used between a car door and the door frame. This wedge allows users to create a space between the door and frame so a probe can be used to unlock the door via the interior unlock button or lever. The tool is also commonly used as a spacer when installing interior doors.

There are several advantages on our product as below :

1. You could easily insert it into the tiny gap due to it’s ultrathin design .

2. It is not only pressure-resistant but also could bear a truck which more than 3 tons .

3. we also have a environmental certificate.



Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
Brand Name

Super PDR



Model Number




Universal Air Wedge function

made of a sturdy viny

Universal Air Wedge function2

equipped with a bulb pump

Universal Air Wedge function3

elease valve for quicd

Universal Air Wedge function4

easy inflating and deflating.

blue wedges

Lock Pick tool

Diagnostic Tool

Auto Entry Tools

car airbag

airbag tool

car diagnostic

air bag tools


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